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You are now expected to design, create and populate the relational database for the London Car Rental System as specified in Assignment - Systems Requirement Elicitation.

Design and develop a relational database for a specified user need

You are required to produce a structured database design for the LCR system that will represent a blue-print/documentation for the system.

Your design should include:

1. The use of data modelling techniques that specifically details (P2.1, P3.1):
a. the ER analysis (schema) for the system
b. Data Dictionary
c. Entity Relationship Diagram
d. Normalisation- Create a table in word showing you have normalised your data to the 3rd normal form and evidence this by displaying the data at each stage in a table (UNF, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF)
e. User Interface

2. Using the above Entity Relationship Diagram, design and developa fully functional (third-party)database system for the LCR system. You must show a table in design view with annotations, explaining what all the data elements (rows) are for. The developed system must containing 5 - 7 inter-relational tables including user interface (P3.2).

3. To evaluate the effectiveness of the database solution and suggest methods of improvement, you must provide screenshotsfor the developed database systemand evidence this by producing documentations which must include the following (P3.3):

a. a print out of the ERD in Access
b. a screenshot of the tables created
c. a screenshot of at least two meaningful queries generated from the database
d. a screenshot of at least one report generated from the database
e. a screenshot of a Switchboard (also referred to as Main Menu)
f. several user interface screens/forms
g. suggest possible methods of improvement to any of the above database solutions

4. To finish off produce the following supporting documentation (P3.4):
a. User documentation in form of user manual
b. Technical documentation in the form of in-line technical descriptions

5. You must also produce a report which attempts to discuss the following concepts: (P2.2)
• Entity Relationship Diagram
• Normalisation

6. To express an understanding of databases and database management systems (DBMS) within organisation environments, you are now required to analyse key issues of databases as well as critically evaluate the features and advantages of database management systems.

In evidence, answer the following (P1.1, P1.2):
a. Compare and contrast the integrated database environment with the traditional file processing environment
b. What is a DBMS and why is its application or use in a database system environment very important?
c. Write short notes to describe the components of a database system environment
d. Describe briefly the functions of a DBMS
e. With named examples, describe the ANSI/SPARC Architecture
f. Critically evaluate the types of DBMS Architecture

Reference no: EM13979437

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