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Instructions: Your responses should demonstrate your understanding of the course content and your analysis and critical thinking; you are not expected to just re-iterate what is in the textbook and the course modules, but to integrate the information and apply it to the specific question. Proper APA style must be used for any citations and references that you use.

1. Design a wireless network for your home network.
A. What is a network?
B. Describe how the home network would be used by your family members.
C. Name at least five components that would be connected to the network
D. What types of hardware, software, connectivity components, etc., would be required to fully implement the home network?
E. Security issues will need to be considered. What are the risks to your network? What will you need to fully protect your home network?

2. Name and describe three specific ways that people's privacy is being threatened. Explain what measures can be taken to guard privacy in the situations you've described.

3. RAM is a temporary storage space that is used to store program instructions and data. But accessing RAM is inherently inefficient because a CPU runs faster than RAM. What special storage space (other than RAM) might a computer access that also temporarily stores program instructions and data? Describe how this storage space works, where it is located in the computer and how the speed compares with other types of storage such as the RAM or hard drive.

4. Define the term ergonomics. Why is ergonomics important when a computer is designed? What purpose does ergonomics serve in an office or home setting? What are the consequences of a poor ergonomically-designed workspace?

5. Define the termcomputer-based information systems. In your definition, discuss three types of information systems, the audience or level of management served by each, and how the systems benefit the organization.

6. What are the differences and similarities between the four types of memory chips described in your textbook? In your response, demonstrate your understanding by using your own words.For a computer running Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, what type of memory might you want and what is the recommended amount?

7.When is it best to use a pie chart? Give two business examples in support of your answer.

8. What is conditional formatting with Highlight Cells Rules? Give one example of how this feature can be useful in business.

9. What is the difference between a relative cell reference and an absolute cell reference? When would you make a reference absolute? Provide an example of when you would use an absolutecell reference.

10. What are the four ways to add a function to a formula?

11. Provide an example demonstrating the benefit of a relational database.

12. Why is it important to back up your database? What are two specific methods to perform this backup?

13. What are the benefits of using Slide Master view in PowerPoint?

14. Describe how you would apply slide transitions to your PowerPoint presentation. Discuss what you should consider when using transitions timing options for your animated objects.

15. Name the five views available in Word, and identify which of those five is the default view.

16. Your company recently conducted an analysis of the costs versus benefits of replacing Web-Use with a new learning management system. Staff, faculty and students were surveyed about their usage habits and opinions on the subject and ultimately the decision was made to purchase the new learning management system from an external vendor. Which three phases of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) are described here?

Reference no: EM13310485

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