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The project is going to be a search web page such as Google web page, but this project is difference from Google; we are going to create a database that contains movies, music, animations, and games. The search web page will give the user these options which I explained before as options under the search dialog to return specific details depend on the user choice. For example, if a user choose movie then the web will take the information from our database which contains many recent movies and also take information from IMDB database. The database contains four categories movies, music, animations, and games. The benefit from the web page is going to return with a scoopedand sharp result with an easy effort and saving the time. We will add some service to the web page such as if the user choose music so the search give the user options search by artist, 90's, Jazz , blue and so on for the movie and games. In addition if the user choose movie and select his specific movie from our database we can directed him to Google map to find the nearest theater and enjoying the movie. To find a nearest theater we could call this as a service example for the web page and we could apply this service in music too by find the nearest ceremony if the user choose music and select orchestra for example.

To the writer:

• If you have any additional ideas to develop this web page your welcome to add it, if you have any extra service to this web page will appreciate you're adding to develop this web page.

• If you have any better idea for the name of the web your welcome to name it.

• If you need more expiations your more than welcome.

• We have some outline we need to follow.

Project Proposal Guides


The abstract for the proposed project paper is single-spaced and includes a summary of the proposed research and how it constitutes original contribution in your respective topic area (i.e., advanced database system topics such as Data Mining, Data Warehousing, etc.,. An abstract is a stand-alone document and therefore, should not include citations because it would need references.


This chapter generally includes the following sections:

• Background
• Problem Statement
• Project Goal and benefits of this study
• Research Questions and/or Hypotheses

Note: Some studies have research questions and hypotheses while others have one or the other.
• Relevance and Significance
• Barriers and Issues
• Assumptions, Limitations and Delimitations: Assumptions are the improvable factors that are accepted as true within the context of the study. Limitations are factors that are beyond your control and potentially impact the internal validity of the study. Delimitations are factors that you intentionally impose to constrain the scope of the study to make it manageable. Delimitations impact the generalizability of the results of the study.

• Definition of Terms

Brief Review of the Literature

In this section, it is important to clearly identify the major areas on which you will need to focus your research in order to build a solid foundation for your study in the existing body of knowledge. The literature review is the presentation of quality literature in a particular field that serves as the foundation and justification for the research problem, research questions or hypothesis, and methodology. You will develop a more comprehensive review of the literature as part of your Project Proposal.

The review can include coverage of:

• Justify the criteria for what is included and excluded as part of the review.
• Identify what has been done before including the strengths and weaknesses of existing studies.
• Find and discuss gaps in the literature.
• Place your research problem within the broader context of the field and scholarly literature.
• Analyze research methods that are used in similar studies and determine whether these methods were valid and reliable.
• Synthesize the literature and present it in a way that helps the reader gain a new perspective on the literature.


Describe how you plan to address your research problem and accomplish your stated goal. List the major steps that must be taken to accomplish the goal and include a preliminary discussion of the methodology and specific research methods you plan to implement. Although specific details are not required at this point, you must provide adequate discussion of the general process you will follow to implement your research methodology.

Reference no: EM13785442

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