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Psychographics, Demographics and the Consumer Pricing Model:

Part A: If you were to design a psychographic study for a new chain of lower-priced coffee stores that are planning to compete against a major coffee store chain, what lifestyle characteristics (i.e., people's interests, values, and activities they participate in) might you consider as indicative of whether they might be interested in your new stores? What geodemographic targeting descriptor would you be interested in using in the PRIZMNE system?

Part B: Scenario: You walk into your neighborhood supermarket to buy some bread, and you have an appointment so you are in a rush. Your friend wants you to bring whole grain bread to make sandwiches for the picnic you are having with several other friends. Using the consumer processing model from Chapter 5, describe the stages you would experience in this scenario. Based on the process you would experience, what would be your suggestion as to how the manager can improve on this customer experience?

Reference no: EM13853667

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