Design a function named feettoinches

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One foot equals 12 inches. Design a function named feetToInches that accepts a number of feet as an argument, and returns the number of inches in that many feet. Use the function in a program that prompts the user to enter a number of feet and then displays the number of inches in that many feet.

Reference no: EM132183893

Write the class definition for a dog

Write the class definition for a Dog. Private data fields include name, breed, and age, and a constant static field for the license fee, which is $12.25. Create public membe

Responsibilities of job when designing digital portfolio

Do you think that your digital portfolio should depend on the job, title, or industry you are planning or working on getting into? Do task and responsibilities of a speci

Create a structure array that contains the conversion factor

Create a structure array that contains the conversion factors for converting units of mass, force, and distance between the metric SI system and the British Engineering Syst

Propose the dfs components that you would consider implement

Suppose you are employed by a company that has recently acquired another multinational company operating in three (3) different countries. One (1) of your managers has asked w

Describe how technology affects society

What is meant by the democratic dilemma in science and technology? Please answer with 75 words or more. Please do not plagerize or simply find online and paste for response.

Computer hardware and software paper

The purpose of this assignment is to understand what basic hardware and software components make up a computer. Students will research hardware components, operating system

Applying the concepts from the background materials

For the Session Long Project this session you will be applying the concepts from the background materials to your own personal experiences in the workplace. You likely have

Greentrees optimal capital structure

GreenTrees Corporation currently has $60 million in liabilities and common equity in combination. There are no preferred stock. The CFO constructed the following table to sh


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