Design a divide-and-conquer algorithm for the motif finding

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Design a divide-and-conquer algorithm for the Motif Finding problem and estimate its  running time. Have you improved the running time of the exhaustive search algo- rithm? 

Reference no: EM13811906

Bacteria are capable of causing serious illnesses

M8D1: LIFE AT THE BEGINNING We all know that bacteria are capable of causing serious illnesses. Research has now shown that bacteria are helpful in many more ways than had pre

Pcr amplify a gene,

You're trying to PCR amplify a gene, but your gel shows that there are two bands instead of only one like you expected. You know for certain that there no homologous genes in

Hardy-weinberg equilibrium in population

Without yet knowing her mate, what is the probability that Stephanie's first child will be able to roll their tongue? (Assume this gene is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in t

Discuss asexual and sexual reproduction

Discuss asexual and sexual reproduction in terms of generic diversity. How is meiosis related to generic diversity? Use one of gregor Mendel's ideas to support your opinion

Define colonies arose on the plate

After mixing, 0.1 mL was removed and pipetted into another 9.9 mL diluent. 0.5 mL was then plated onto an EMB plate and incubated overnight at 37 oC. After incubation, 35 co

Manuel of clinical microbiology

Due to the prospect of interplanetary travel, how would you attempt to Isolate and identify a bacterial infection acquired on another planet. This bacteria is unknown to use a

How do you calculate the energy yield of sugars

How do you calculate the energy yield of sugars, amino acids and fatty acids? If you could explain or if it is too much refer me to one I am horribly confused. Thank you!

Mechanisms help plant roots acquire negatively-charged ions

Fungi in the soil form a symbiotic association with roots. These fungi create a large surface area associated with the root hairs that helps to do which of the following?  W


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