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Task 1 (Module 5) 
Research the topic of inclusive education (don't forget to check the information on the different Australian State Education Department Websites). Use the information you find and your textbook to create an informative pamphlet on Inclusive Education. 
Your pamphlet can be a three-fold version or a one-page flyer. Make sure you have a reference box at the end and a section titled -Technology and Differentiation-. 
Task 2 (Module 6) 
Present an argument either for or against the use of rewards in the classroom (maximum of 300 words). Make sure you refer to scholarly research supporting your argument. 
Task 3 (Module 7) 
A. Consider a theme and learning area (Science, Society and Environment, English and so on), where you might conduct a series of lessons on that topic. Outline one of these lessons in dot points under the headings - Introduction, Main body and Conclusion. Make sure you state the age group of the children. What will occur in each section? What activities will take place and how. This is a brief lesson outline, not a lesson plan. Your outline should be no more than one page. 
B. Using the human memory model and your lesson outline, describe what strategies you will use to maximise learning. Your response should be no more than one page. 
Task 4 (Module 8) 
As part of the interview process for a job in a school, you are asked the following: "Will you use group work in your teaching? Why or why not? How would you use it in this school?" Plan a response to this question (2-3 minutes) and record your answer using one of the following: 
• An audio file recording in a MS Word document in the notebook. Go to view, notebook layout and click the audio notes tab to start your recording. 
• A voice over to a PPT slide titled -Group Work-. For guidance on adding voice-over narration refer to this video: How to record narration for a PowerPoint presentation for dummies Consider the following: 
• The school context - Early childhood, primary or secondary 
• Links to theory - social constructivism 
• How you would go about it - the essential components 
• The benefits 
Task 5 (Module 9) 
Your task is to create a 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation (the cover and reference slide are included in the 10 slides) on self-regulated learning and teaching. Be as creative as you like with your presentation in regards to background, infographics, pictures etc, but make sure your font size is appropriate and that font colour is readable and that does not clash with the background. 
Content to consider: 
• What factors are involved in self-regulated learning 
• Models of self-regulated learning; the self-regulated learning cycle 
• Some examples of teaching students to be more self-regulating 
• How teachers can support the development of self-regulated learning in the classroom. Also 
consider the use of technology 
• Emotional self regulation and how it can be developed in the classroom 
Task 6 (Module 10) 
A. Design a classroom learning environment for a specific age group. Present it as a digital representation (bird's eye view) with a suitable key. In 200-250 words explain the physical organisation in terms of minimising disruptive behaviour and maximising learning. The following website might help you: 
B. Also create an electronic chart/poster of classroom rules or rights and responsibilities 
suitable for the age group selected. Make sure they are expressed positively, kept to a 
minimum number (between 5-8) and are unambiguous.

Reference no: EM13141900

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