Design a 2-digit 24 second shot-clock
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Design a 2-digit 24 second "shot-clock" countdown timer with pushbutton controller. The pushbutton controller will have one input: (IN) and provide 2 outputs: CNT and RST for count and reset respectively. At power on the counter will read 24 (RST). When the pushbutton is pressed once the clock will begin counting down (CNT). If the button is pressed a second time the clock should pause at the last number. When the button is pressed a second time the count will resume. When the count reaches 0 a buzzer will sound (or LED light)for 3 seconds. To reset the clock the button must be pressed for at least 5 seconds. (Note: the clock should be able to be "reset" even if the clock is counting or paused.)

Draw the entire system using block diagrams. You may initially design the pushbutton state machine using standard FSM notation, but you must eventually convert the state machine design into ASM notation, or just make the initial design using ASM, I don't care. Next implement and simulate the state machine using both DEEDS Finite State Machine simulator and Multisim.Please demonstrate proper operation of your state machine using DEEDS d-MsFto me on the computer and provide a written report of your design procedure and implementation of simulation.

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