Description of your assigned organ in the introduction

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The paper needs to be original and have references in APA format.

A general description of your assigned organ in the introduction. In the general description, you will include the following: a brief description of the primary functions of this organ, its general shape, and the location of this organ in the human body.

Describe in detail the importance of this organ to the function of the body as a whole. What are the functions of this organ and how is it critical for survival? Identify and describe which of the four tissue types (epithelial, connective, muscle, and/or nervous tissues) are present in the organ. Describe any organ-specific cell types that are present and if these cell types have any special structures (e.g., presence of microvilli and/or abundance of particular organelle such as mitochondria). Discuss in detail how these different cell-types work together to provide the overall function of the organ. Include a discussion of why each organ requires the different tissue types as well as unique cell types to function. Why can the organs not be comprised of just one cell type? What is the advantage of having so many different types of cells?

Reference no: EM131352475

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