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Evidence-Based Sexuality Education Program Review: Go to one of the web sites listed at the bottom of this post.  Choose a sexuality education program to review that looks interesting to you. In your paper, include:

1) the website name and URL; the program name and developer's name;

2) a description of the target audience the program is intended for, the program objectives and a summary of the program content;

3) the results of the program evaluation (e.g., why it was determined to be an 'evidence-based program); and

4) your critique of the program (e.g., what did you like/not like about the program; how and when would you use it; etc). At the end describe the value of this activity to you as a student of human sexuality.

List of the websites:

Microsoft Word - HSC 4133-6138 Syllabus Sp 2017.docxMicrosoft Word - HSC 4133-6138 Syllabus Sp 2017.docx

Examples of Evidence-based Programs Websites:





http://www.socio.com/effectiveprograms.php http://www.hhs.gov/ash/oah/oah-initiatives/tpp_program/db/

To be considered for full credit each prep activity must:

Be 1-2 pages, 12-point font, 550-700 words, single-spaced and have 1" margins, Number your answers to each question in your paper (you do not need to restate the question in your paper, just keep the numbers so your answers match.

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