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Question:1. Select a specific example of how a plant responds to environmental stimuli (e.g. light, gravity, and even touch).

2. Describe the mechanism by which this occurs including a description of the specialized cells involved.

3. How is this response an adaptation for the plant?

Provide evidence from the literature to support your answer.

*Please don't use an answer that has already been provided by someone else.

Reference no: EM132280485

Hormones receptors the gprotein-adenylyl cyclase

A particular type of hormone is known to elicit 6 different intracellular responses, all by using the cAMP system. A drug isfound that blocks one of the effects, but not the o

Explain what is the compound that''s the oxidizing agent

A drug impairs oxyegen consumption on liver mitochondria at a buffer of 7.4pH, Mg, and adp. It inhibits O2 uptake if isocitrate, 2-ketoglutarate and malate were substrates,

List in chronological order five major discoveries

List in chronological order five major discoveries or developments in molecular biology and bioinformatics since the early 1950's, which you consider responsible for the cur

Draw a phospholipid containing palmitic and linoleic acid

Draw a phospholipid containing palmitic and linoleic acid with the unsaturated fatty acid at C-2 of glycerol. To the phosphate, esterify a molecule of choline. Indicate whic

Number of chromosomes in normal diploid cell of organism

A cell undergoing meiosis produces a daughter cell, during which one nondisjunction event occurs. If the number of chromosomes in a normal diploid cell of this organism (not

What is special about atp

What is special about ATP? How does a cell release energy from ATP? Please provide a specific explanation. Provide a non-biological analogy to describe the process.

Microevolutionary changecausing macroevolutionary speciation

Describe the evolutionary development of either the horse orelephant from its pre-historic to present-day form, using 2specific features that have exhibited microevolutionary

Question about genotypes

Suppose that the incomplete dominance for each unlinked locus, how many different phenotypes will be seen in a progeny of individuals with the following genotypes: AA Bb CC Dd


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