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1. First, subjects are to attend to a to-be-remembered three-letter stimulus, then they are shown a number. They are to count backwards by threes from the number. At the end of the variable-length period of counting, the subjects were asked to report the original three-letter stimulus.

Paired-associate learning
Brown-Peterson task
Sternberg task
Mental rotation

2. The best description of Informavore is:

An instrumental contribution to the cognitive revolution
Fundamental unit of the structuralist account
Fundamental unit of S-R behaviorism
Beings that actively obtain and process information

3. Rips (1975) reported an experiment in which subjects read a story about an island inhabited by only eight species of animals: Sparrows, Robins, Eagles, Hawks, Ducks, Geese, Ostriches, and Bats. The evidence indicated:

Evidence for prototype effects
Support for PDP models
Support for the dual-coding hypothesis
Support for prepositional theories of representation

4. The data illustrating the various costs of different levels of selection for the experiment reported by Johnston & Heinz (1978) in support of their multimodal model of attention were derived from all but:

A selection task
A priming task
A dual-task procedure
A simple detection task (simple RT)

Reference no: EM13496784

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