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In the beginning of class, we started talking about debt. The word debt is a monetary idea that gets along with money. Along with Graeber, debt is a state of money that is owed to a bank. I actually not what I know how it was used for. Gifts and exchanges is what I get from that sums up what I experienced. I have walked around the campus talking to an organization that how are debts used. They informed me to do so such as donating money to a charity or signing a petition to ban plastic bags to protect the Pacific Ocean. Debt has finally changed with all the aspects of my life with a better understanding. In addition, this has shaped up most ideas of what is right or wrong. I realized that I have learned from discussing of UC debt, organ donation, and gambling. I think gambling does not pay must of their debt. Overall, the course definitely expanded knowledge about all kinds of debt and how they are commonly used for.

word count should be at least 150 words.

Reference no: EM13158509

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