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The author message is to show that marketing is significant part in any business, so he describes the market as the responsible of entire business. Therefore, Greshham claims that the marketing not promotion and advertising, it is further than that.

The author tries to explain the market function in the business, and he shows the responsibilities of the marketing as part of the product process from the beginning till the end.

Gresham provides support of his claim. First of all, the marketing is important for the product, and the advertising and promotion are the tail end of the end of product life cycle. However, before the product appears in the market, there is a new product, and someone come with a new innovative idea. Therefor, the marketing primary role is to identify the opportunities of the product. Second, the new product has to have a team to design and develop, so the marketing is part of this function, and it plays significantly for the company mission and strategy. Moreover, it is not all the new ideas are profitable, but it needs from the company to take it in research to identify if it is profitable or not.

The author mentions advices for the company. First of all the company has to have skilled employees to develop the product because having good new idea does not mean the company will achieve profit. So the employees have to be talented to help the company to creates and make profit. Therefore, the team has to design the product and the feature from the beginning until the end. Additionally, they must develop strategies for distribution, pricing, positioning, promotion, and training to be successful.

The author ends the article by mention that the company has to follow the trend and try don not loss the market. So the market is competitive to stay long. I think, the author point of few is clear about the marketing function and he proves that the marketing is one of the most important part in the business.

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Reference no: EM132184869

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