Described how the program might be evaluated

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Assignment: Grading Criteria Maximum Points Selected truancy, larceny or theft, or underage drinking as the program's focus; selected a target population-individual, family, community, or society-and analyzed why this issue is a problem; and created three goals for the program.

1. Built a foundation of current trends in juvenile justice and juvenile delinquency research to discuss how the goals of the program are consistent, compared similar successful programs, and suggested ways to improve on an area of limitation.

2 Summarized a theory of juvenile delinquency, discussed how it specifically addresses the selected target issue, and critically evaluated the theory and demonstrated how its concepts apply to the program.

3. Described the implementation of the program and any anticipated limitations the program might have.

4. Described how the program might be evaluated and discussed how the program will measure and demonstrate successes.

Writing Standards

Organization (12)
Usage and Mechanics (12)
APA Elements (16)
Style (4)

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Reference no: EM131073053

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