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The Final Project requires you to integrate the work you undertook throughout the course into a multimedia presentation. You can use any of the following multimedia tools; Jing , Screencast-o-matic, or VoiceThread .

Scenario: The school you researched during this course is being taken over the by the state for poor performance. Based on your educational philosophy, your classroom management plan, lesson plan, and the learning activities and assessment you developed in this course, the new principal has asked you to interview for the lead teacher position.

This position would allow you to teach the grade of your choosing and give you the authority to enact significant changes across the school. You are one of only 20 candidates asked to apply for this prestigious position.

You have been asked to submit a multimedia interview presentation instead of interviewing in person. The principal has requested that you include the following in your presentation:

a. Create a PowerPoint presentation of eight to ten slides that includes:

o A slide that includes a brief self-introduction and summary of the position for which you are applying

o A slide on your Philosophy of Education (from Week 1)

o A slide on a Classroom management plan (from Week 2)

o A slide on Different school models (from Week 3)

o A slide on Effective lesson planning and design to include the Student's Role in the learning process (from Week 4)

o A slide on Assessment Matters (from Week 5)

o A slide on Professional Learning Communities (PLC) (from Newman (2012) Chapter 14 and in Week Six-Discussion 1)

o A slide that lists the references in APA style (minimum of three) used in your presentation. Consider using the references from the previous weeks' assignments.

b. Create a multimedia interview of no more than eight to ten minutes. You can use any of the following multimedia tools; Jing , Screencast-o-matic , or VoiceThread . Present your PowerPoint from Step 1 as if you were interviewing for the position remotely. As you present your slides in the multimedia interview, use the audio or video feature to record yourself discussing the following:

o Introduce yourself and the position for which you are applying

o Describe your philosophy of education

o Share a personal idea of a successful classroom management plan

o Explain and support your chosen school model that you recommend that the school should implement

o Identify lesson planning and design, and the role that students play in the learning process

o Discuss how assessment matters in relation to the role for which you are interviewing

o Share your thoughts on the meaning of building a Professional Learning Community (PLC), and what you would expect to see if you entered a PLC-focused classroom.

Reference no: EM132281079

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