Describe what the following lmc program does.

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Describe what the following LMC program does.

Mailbox  Contents
    00       901
    01       309
    02       207
    03       902
    04       708
    05       602
    06       000
    07        1
    08       000
    09       DAT

b) The contents in memory occasionally have to be moved to another area of memory. When that happens, the mailbox references must be adjusted so that the program continues to function properly. Rewrite the LMC code in a) so that it occupies mailboxes 05 through 14 only; mailboxes 01 through 04 will be used by another program, so they can't be used. Assume that instruction 605 remains in mailbox 00.

Mailbox    Contents
    00         605
    01         used by other program
    02         used by other program
    03         used by other program
    04         used by other program
    05          ???
    06          ???
    07          ???
    08          ???
    09          ???
    10          ???
    11          ???
    12          ???
    13          ???
    14          ???

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Reference no: EM13947337

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