Describe what happens with likelihood of a risk event occurr

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Q. Garden Variety Flower Shop uses 750 clay pots a month. Pots are purchased at $2 each. Store's accountant estimates annual carrying cost to be 30 percent of purchase price per unit, also ordering costs are $20 per order. Manager has been using an order size of 1,500 ?ower pots.

Q. Describe illustrate what happens with likelihood of a risk event occurring also cost of fixing risk event as a project proceeds through its life cycle.



Reference no: EM1376678

Interstate truck rental firm has accumulated extra trucks

The Interstate Truck Rental firm has accumulated extra trucks at three of its trucks leasing outlets, as shown in the following table: Leasing Outlet Extra Trucks 1 Atlanta 70

Difference between domestic and international marketing

Outline some of the critical points to capture in an elevator pitch. Explain why each point is important. Is there a difference between domestic and international marketing? W

Case could be heard in federal court and why

Lenny was a resident of Maine and Milly was a resident of Arizona. Both went on vacation to Nevada. When on the golf course, Lenny drove the golf car recklessly, hit Milly, br

Conditions of economy and business cycles like recessions

Discuss the importance AS-AD model in explaining the macroeconomic conditions of the economy and business cycles like recessions. What factors shift AS and AD curves? How do y

What communication rules might you implement

In the first week of class you described some of the communication rules that are present inyour family. After reviewing guidelines for effective communication in families des

Discuss slowpoke drivers-high-speed-sensible-speed drivers

Suppose you want to write a paper on different kinds of drivers. You think you can discuss slowpoke drivers, high-speed drivers, and sensible-speed drivers. You feel you have

Discuss topics of exempt securities-exempt transactions

Discuss the pertinent aspects of the 1933 Securities Act. Specifically discuss the topics of “Exempt Securities” and “Exempt Transactions” and offerings of securities to which

What is the insurers liability in this situation

Fritz has an open fire insurance policy on his home for a maximum liability of $60,000. The policy has a number of standard clauses, including the right of the insurer to rest


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