Describe two key drivers affecting healthcare organizations

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Drivers of Change in the U.S. Healthcare System

To complete this assignment:

• Describe two or more key drivers affecting healthcare organizations and the U.S. healthcare delivery system.

• Explain current and future implications of these drivers for healthcare administrators.

• Describe two or three key changes or reforms that you would like to see enacted. Explain why these changes would be important from the viewpoint of 1) the healthcare consumer and 2) the healthcare administrator.

In your response, explain how these changes or reforms inform your understanding of the U.S. health care delivery system, as well as opportunities for reform. Provide specific examples from sources such as Sick Around America.

Obama's Deal - 2010 (56 min)

Suggested 4 to 6 pages. APA formatting is required. A minimum of 2 academic references are required.

Reference no: EM131248019

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