Describe three notable actions that the cio should engage

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Instructions: Do not combine topics. Answer each letter separately. All answers must be at least five (5) sentences.Label each answer individually. Include any references.

1) "Master Yourself" Please respond to the following:

• A) Consider the manner in which you usually react to conflict and determine your native conflict response behavior. Provide one (1) example that supports your conclusion. Note: This is a safe environment for everyone to share his / her personal experience. No personal attack is allowed.

2) "Green IT" Please respond to the following:

• A) With a focus on enterprise hardware, software, services, and human capital, list and describe three advantages of green IT.

• B) Speculate on the role of the CIO in a specific industry (i.e., manufacturing, insurance, higher education, government, and distribution) when implementing green IT. Describe three notable actions that the CIO should engage in and briefly explain how these actions could strategically impact the organization.

3) "Project Reviews" Please respond to the following:

• A) Review the types of project reviews attached separately. Compare and contrast the different types of project reviews. Speculate as to which project review would have a more sustainable impact in regard to the evaluation of a project.

• B) In your opinion, determine which project review would best serve an enterprise software development project. Explain your answer.

Reference no: EM131257203

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