Describe three major approaches to international relations

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Question 1: Describe the three major approaches to international relations, and outline their assumptions about the nature of international order, the main actors in the international system, and the prospects for long-term stability. Which of these approaches is more accurate in explaining the relationship between the great powers in the post-Cold War era? Offer at least two empirical examples to support your answer.

Question 2: The post-WW II era has seen the rise of a number of regional integration projects, such as the European Union, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), NAFTA, and others. Which systemic theory of international politics best explains these regional integration efforts? Use at least two examples of regional economic integration to support your answer.

Question 3: Are international institutions merely reflective of the international balance of power, or do they independently shape the interactions between states? Explain your answer by using the United Nations as an example.

Question 4: Does the process of globalization promote international conflict or cooperation? Explain your answer using at least two phenomena commonly associated with process of globalization.

Reference no: EM13841662

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