Describe the two primary components of a cpu architecture
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Question 1: Describe the two primary components of a CPU architecture.

Question2 : Describe the purpose of the Instruction Register.

Question 3 : Describe the roles of the data and address registers in a CPU architecture.

Question 4 : Describe the purpose of the Flag register.

Question 5 : Explain the purpose of registers in a CPU.

Question 6 : Explain how memory mapped I/O works.

Question 7 : Explain the purpose of I/O ports and provide an example of a device that might be connected to an I/O port.

Question 8 : Explain what haappens to the instruction cycle when an interrupt occurs.

Question 9 : Describe the differences in CISC and RISC processors.

Question10 : Describe the purpose of instruction pipelining in a processor.

Question11 : using the example on page 348 in the textbook,suppose you have 7 instructions that are to be processed         sequentially.Explain the number of cycles required to execute the instructions sequentially and also the number of cycles if a pipeline is employed.

Question12 :Describe how an I/O channel functions.

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