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Question: Choosing a Theory or Model for Program Planning

Selecting an appropriate theory or model for program planning is an important part of the process. As you examine the theories and models presented in the Learning Resources, bear in mind that some theories/models may not be appropriate given the problem you have selected. How will you determine which one is most relevant for your problem and target population? You are encouraged to use this Discussion forum as a venue for deliberation with your colleagues.

To prepare:• Bring to mind the problem you identified in Week 2.

• Review the information in this week's Learning Resources. Consider the various theories and models that are used in program planning. Which one(s) do you think might be appropriate for your problem? Why? Be prepared to support your response.

• What field developed this theory or model? Examine the literature and consider how it has been applied in fields other than nursing.

By tomorrow Monday 12/10/18 17:oo, write a 550 words essays in APA format with a minimum of 3 scholarly references, At least one of the references must come from the course textbook (see attached file). Include the headers as numbered below

Post a cohesive scholarly response that addresses the following:

1) Describe the theory or model most appropriate to your problem (Breast Cancer in African American Women in the USA). Justify the choice of your theory/model as it relates to your problem. (see attached file)

2) What field developed this theory or model? Briefly describe how it has been applied in fields other than nursing and explain how it has been appropriately applied within nursing. Provide at least one example from the literature to support your response.

Reference no: EM132191342

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