Describe the system and how feedback is used

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The aim of the module is to provide an understanding on the fundamentals of process control and instrumentation techniques used in process industries. The topics cover different types of process control loops, its functions, operational modes and instruments for measurement applicable to process industry.

Learning Outcomes

1. Evaluate the system responses to different inputs.
2. Describe different types of process control loops and working principle of controllers in process plants.
3. Design simple process operations and select appropriate control systems.
4. Develop skills for control loop adjustments and combining control systems.
5. Construct process control loops with the help of piping & instrumentation diagram.
6. Interpret the performance characteristics of various relevant measurement systems.
7. Explain the importance of calibration, installation and maintenance of measurement systems.

Task 1
Select a system from your day to day life that applies feedback in its operation. Describe the system and how feedback is used. A sketch of the system is required.

Task 2
The task focusses on the study on the process control principles and instrumentation methods followed in process industries.A report based on an industrial visit in the following structure should be submitted with the given specifications.

Structure of Report:
Details of Industry visited

a) Develop a simple control loop with the help of Process&Instrumentation Diagram of any one industrial process and explain the process and the variables in loop.

b) Suggest the control system configuration with proper explanation

c) Explain with a sketch the operatingprinciple, of any one type of sensor for the chosen process

d) Conclusion

e) References (Harvard referencing CCE style)

Reference no: EM132184840

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Report Specification: Font : Arial Font size : 10 Line Spacing : 1.5 The report shall have a maximum of 2000 words. Marking scheme Component Weightage Total Marks Knowledge and understanding of the topic 30% 15 Application and analysis of the topic (Module specific Skill) 35% 15 The structure in terms of logic and coherence 30% 10 The use of relevant work examples and/or examples gained from further reading 5% 10 Total 50

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