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Find a reliable secondary source for an argument for change in your community or workplace. Then, choose a short passage that verifies or disputes your position. Respond to the following prompts in at least two well-developed paragraphs (not including the copied-and-pasted material from your secondary source):

• Describe the source you found, the process you used to find it, and why you selected it. What makes this a reliable source? Does it support or refute your argument?

• Paraphrase relevant information from a short passage in the source you found. Be sure to use in-text citations with any sentences reflecting ideas from the source, e.g., (Doe, 2013) or According to Jane Doe (2013).

• At the end of your post, provide a complete APA 6th Edition style references page citation for the source you found and copy/paste the original text that you paraphrased. Be sure to label clearly the part that is copied (e.g., original). Also, label what you have written (e.g., paraphrase).

Reference no: EM13848720

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