Describe the roles of ahpra and the nursing
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Introduces chosen theory and briefly describes it

Identifies when theory was introduced and the concepts behind theory.

Analysis of theory and how it could be applied to a clinical setting.

Evaluation of chosen theory and how effective it is.

Uses APA referencing throughout assignment and demonstrates broad research using journals and texts.

Includes reference list using APA Referencing systemNursing Theories

1. Introduction:

• Select a nursing theory
• Briefly describe the theory.
• Identify when the theory was introduced, by whom and the concepts behind the theory (this section can be about 150 words).

2. Body:

Analyse the theory and explain either how it could be applied to a clinical setting in which you have worked or how it is currently used in the clinical setting.

(Analyse means to look at both the good and bad points and compare them). For example, if you chose a theory based on holistic nursing you need to analyse how this applies in your current clinical practice (don't forget to include references). You should give examples of how it applies to nursing practice. You may use the word "I" in this assignment as per the example below
(this section can be about 300 words).

3. Conclusion:

Sum up your discussion and evaluate your chosen theory - how effective is it?

(this section can be about 150 words).Information for the following questions can be found at these sites as well as in Additional Resources. Discuss the following questions related to our professional/regulatory bodies and continuing professional development (CPD):

1. Describe the roles of AHPRA and the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australian and how they differ?

2. Briefly outline the current requirements for CPD for enrolled nurses within Australia?

3. Is professional indemnity insurance mandatory for all nurses and what does it cover?

4. Briefly describe the benefits of the National Framework for the Development of Decision Making Tools for Nursing and Midwifery and when/why it may be referred to?

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