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1. Briefly summarize control of the motor and secretory activities of the gastrointestinal tract by the enteric nervous system and by the sympathetic and parasympathetic inervation.

2. Describe the regulation of gastric emptying by chemical stimuli in the duodenum.

3. Summarize the control of gastric acid secretion during the cephalic, gastric, and intestinal phases.

4. Describe the secretion of pancreatic juice in the absence and in the presence of secretin.

5. What are the mechanisms for absorption of monosaccharides by intestinal epithelial cells?

6. Describe the cellular mechanisms that diminish iron absorption when iron levels are high and that increase iron absorption in an iron-depleted individual.

7. What is the rate limiting step in the intestinal absorption of the products of lipid digestion? How are the products of lipids digestion absorbed across the brush border plasma membrane?

8. Describe the cellular mechanisms of Ca++ absorption in the small intestine.

9. What is a nutrient pool? What are the three primary nutrient pools of the body?

10. Name the two hormones that regulate glucose metabolism and explain what effect each hormone has on blood glucose concentrations.

11. Why is glucose metabolism and transport independent of insulin in renal and intestinal epithelium and in neurons?

12. What is the advantage to the body of inhibiting insulin release during a sympathetically mediated fight-or-flight response?

13. Name two stimuli that increase insulin secretion and one stimulus that inhibits insulin secretion.

14. Explain the current theory of the control of food intake.

15. Explain how you would diagnose the obesity.

16. What you think about balanced diet? 

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Reference no: EM13720281

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