Describe the purpose of a human resources strategic plan

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1. Describe the purpose of a Human Resources Strategic Plan.

2. What are the advantages an organisation will gain by linking HR strategy with the strategic objectives of operations, finance, marketing and other functions of the organisation?

3. a. Compare the people-centric alignment model with the organisation-centric model of HR strategy.

b. Which model do you think would you be more comfortable working with? Why?

4. List and explain the different sections that should be included when developing HR strategic plans.

5. Briefly explain the key steps to the successful implementation of an HR strategic plan.

6. Describe four key human resource practices or functions required by an organisation to ensure that it meets its key objectives and complies with the law.

7. Explain at least two reasons why it is important for all managers to understand human resource strategic direction, objectives and targets.

8. Describe three external trends or emerging practices that may have an impact on human resource management in an organisation.

Reference no: EM131231082

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