Describe the purpose of a ddos attack

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Describe the purpose of a DDoS attack. How is a DDoS attack configured? How can DDoS attacks be detected and prevented? Research the internet for a DDoS attack. Describe the events. Your reply should be at least 125 words.

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Reference no: EM13774350

An isp has received a block

An ISP has received a block of addresses in which the prefix length (n = 24). The ISP needs to make 8 sub-nets (sub-blocks) of equal sizes from this block. What is the prefix

Formulate the network security plan to be implemented

Review the work you have done and formulate the Network Security Plan to be implemented across the network footprint. What is being done to secure the network at different lev

Find an article in uol library that proposes solutions

What problems do you see with this attitude, and what solutions might you suggest? For this Discussion, you will select and summarise an article in the UoL library that prom

What are the possible flaws in this protocol

Identify which security requirement was violated in the cases and what are the possible flaws in this protocol? Propose how to fix the possible flaws with minimal modification

Describe the sarbanes-oxley act

Describe the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) act and Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) framework - describe the process of performing effective information technology audits a

Create an overview of the hipaa security rule

Analyze how a hospital is similar to and different from other organizations in regards to HIPAA compliance. List the IT audit steps that need to be included in the organizati

Explain policies and procedures that will be used on network

Create a memo to the company employees that describes the policies and procedures that will be used on the network. Write your memo so that it describes what the employees m

What edition of windows will be used for each server

How many total servers are needed? Which roles will be combined? What edition of Windows will be used for each server (e.g., Standard, Datacenter)? Will Server


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