Describe the proper decontamination stage

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Decontamination Plan in Your City

Identify two different facilities that may be likely targets of a terrorist attack in your community or city (e.g., water resources, city power supply, a football or baseball stadium at maximum capacity, a Navy or Marine base, an Army post, a high school, a mall, office buildings, a primary road into the community, a downtown city center, Federal Buildings, etc.). For each facility, address the following:

a. Explain why these facilities are vulnerable and likely targets.

b. The facility has been hit by a chemical terrorist attack. Describe the proper decontamination stage and initial decontamination considerations that are specific to the facility that has been hit in your area.

c. Explain why your chosen initial decontamination considerations are important to this particular attack, and explain how, as a first responder, you will meet these challenges. (For example, if your city's power supply is 20 miles from the nearest water supply, how will you cope with the availability of water?)

Please inlude this source/reference

• Maniscalco, P.M., & Christen, H.T. (2011). Homeland security principles and practice of terrorism response. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Reference no: EM131393725

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