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What competencies were you able to develop in researching and writing the Comprehensive Project?

How did you leverage feedback from your peers in the Discussion Board?

How will these competencies and knowledge support your career advancement in management?

Your client wants you to present a creative brief based on how you can perform some creative interventions to assist with one of its products. First, research and select a company of your choice that could use some creative intervention.

• This company is now your client.

• Choose 1 product from the company that you believe needs to be revamped.

Next, write a creative brief of 1,000-1.200 words for the management team with the following sections to present your findings from your research:

• Product Overview
o Write a product overview of 300-400 words, describing the product's features and benefits. Add a photo of the product.
o Cite the company and product.

• Current Target Market

• Write 300-400 words describing the targeted customer. List the demographics of the target customers, such as age. income. education, and geographic region. Include psychographic factors, such as lifestyle. likes, and dislikes. too.
o Cite your research sources.

• Perception of the Product and Organizational Effect

• Write a brief of 300-400 words about how customers perceive the current brand in the marketplace. The perception of the brand is how the customer or others see the brand from their viewpoints. For example. a fine chocolate company could be viewed as a luxury brand with rich flavors-and expensive-by the customer.

• One Competitor
o Describe 1 main competitor of the selected brand.

• The Current Product Message
o Describe what you believe to be the current message of this product. A product's message is communicated through its advertising, logo, and slogans and other communication channels. For example. a household cleaning product's message could communicate it is the best product on the market in commercials showing its cleaning power with top ingredients such as bleach. ammonia. or other cleaning mechanisms. The bottle could be white, symbolizing purity and cleanliness.

• Name the Business Problem or Objective
o State what you believe to be the business problem of the current brand.

• One Creative Strategy to Refresh the Brand
o Several creative strategies can help change the current perception of the brand. Detail the creative strategy steps that will be used. Based on your research. explain the creative process and how it helps in decision making. Consider what strategies would help the product team improve the product.

• Justification of the Creative Strategy
o Explain why your selected creative strategy is the best approach for revamping the product.

• The New Product Message
o Based on the creative strategy. develop 1 new or changed product message. This can be a new slogan. logo, or overall message about the quality of the brand, its health benefits. or improved features that benefit the customer based on your research.

• The Desired Results of the New Brand
o Name 1 change for the product anticipated by the creative approach.

• One Evaluation Method to Measure and Monitor Success
o Select an evaluation method to determine if the creative approach was successful.

• Conclusion
o Explain why creative thinking can help an organization change. solve a business problem, or generate new ideas.

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Reference no: EM13865402

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