Describe the process of dna repair and proofreading

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1. Describe the process of DNA repair and proofreading.

2. Describe the control process of cellular growth and reproduction.

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Reference no: EM13659433

Explain the chlorophyl extraction procedure

explain the chlorophyl extraction procedure in chemical terms. why is acetone effective in the extraction? how could the experiment be modified to increase the yield of chlo

Problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Summarize, evaluate, and argue the validity of the data that demonstrate the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Then present a plan for reducing this problem in the f

Explain at least one challenge facing organisms

Describe how the physical forces generated by waves and currents and/or the ebb and flow of tides, contribute to the physical characteristics of each of these habitats we wi

Describe the changes that would occur in the icf

Describe the changes that would occur in the ICF if sodium was excreted from the intestinal lining into the large intestine. How would the decreased sodium and water in the

How do we know that sharks and whales are similarities

When two groups of organisms independently evolve similar adaptations, it's called convergent evolution. Sharks and whales both have streamlined bodies and tail ?ukes. How d

Is there hope for lake erie

We discussed the impact of pollution in both Lake Washington (Seattle) and Lake Erie (Great Lakes). Independent of their very different size, why have they responded so diff

Contains more energy stored in its chemicalbonds

Which molecule contains more energy stored in its chemicalbonds? Rank in order of decreasing chemicalenergy content: a fatty acid molecule, a molecule ofglucose, a molecule

How many base pairs are present in entire e. coli chromosome

Suppose the E. coli synthesize DNA at a rate of 1000,000 nucleotides per minute and takes 40 minutes to replicate its chromosomes- How many base pairs are present in the enti


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