Describe the key fundamentals of systems theory

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Describe the key fundamentals of systems theory

This is a succinct literature review of systems theory. At least 4 references sources must be referenced (including Hamilton). The Chicago method of referencing must be used


Apply systems theory to a project from your experience, as follows:

· Describe the project and list all its systems (4), and describe 2 systems in detail (16)
(Remember - systems are processes, so you are in fact discussing processes)

· Describe 2 examples showing how your project systems are interdependent
(show how a change, decision, problem in 1 system affects other systems)

· Describe 2 management techniques/processes/tools by which your project systems may be co-ordinated (Clue: look in management books). We need to ensure that interrelated systems work together effectively. This can be achieved by coordination (200-300 words)

· Describe 2 examples showing how the external environment affects your project systems

Reference no: EM13933702

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