Describe the infrastructure of onion routing
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In this assignment, you will answer the following questions related to Onion Routing and Tor.

1. Describe the infrastructure of Onion Routing and explain how it works for providing anonymity over a public network.

2. Explain how an Onion Routing network is resistant to both network eavesdropping and traffic analysis.

3. Describe the design of Tor.

4. Compare Tor and the original Onion Routing. Show the improvements of the Tor design made over Onion Routing.

You are expected to provide a detailed answer that shows a clear understanding to each question's subject matter. Biblical worldview should be integrated in an appropriate manner and supported by Scripture.

In addition to the module's "Reading & Study"materials, a minimum of 3 references is required for this assignment and be sure to include complete reference information. Your submission must contain at least 1,000 words and should follow the current APA formatting style. Please refer to the current edition of the APA publication manual for guideline details.

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The work is on the basis of different forms and structures where there is a description of onion routing and the designing of tor. The report is in 1000 words in MS word where the focus is on handling the different formats that are important for working effectively.

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