Describe the implementation procedures of rcs procedures

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Questions using temperature illustration curve using proxy reconstruction.

· Which of the proxy reconstruction method results into highest and lowest temperature anomaly in the past 500 years and in the next 100 years?

· Which of the proxy reconstruction method results into highest oscillation in the magnitude temperature anomaly in the past millennia and in the next century? Elaborate the reason behind such variation.

· Explain the temperature proxy reconstruction mechanism to estimate temperature anomaly for the past millennia.

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· Explain the Mann-Bradley-Hughes multi-proxy temperature reconstruction mechanism.
· Highlight the temperature anomaly as a function of ring width series.
· What is RCS method?
· Describe the implementation procedures of RCS procedures?
· Highlight the pros and cons of RCS mechanism.
· Compare the temperature reconstruction using MBH and RCS mechanism. Explain the reason behind the correlation and variations.

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· Define the term Climate sensitivity.
· Explain the temperature reconstruction mechanism, CH-blend.
· What is Energy Balance Model and how is it used to estimate climate sensitivity?
· Elaborate the influence of the forcing factors like volcanic activity, greenhouse gases and Solar radiation on temperature reconstruction.
· Derive the probability density function for climate sensitivity.

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· What is the requirement of high resolution millennial temperature reconstruction?
· Mention list of indicators that can be used for the purpose of temperature reconstruction. Also mention their limitations.
· Discuss the method to estimate Temperature anomaly using the indicators in the research article.


· What is simple composite plus scale method and M05 method?
· Explain the significance of the variance spectra of the M05 proxy data displayed.

Reference no: EM131141950

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