Describe the factor-weighting technique

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Selecting the best suppliers from all of those available in the global market is a huge task. Selecting a poor performer can be devastating to the bottom line profitability.


Describe the factor-weighting technique that can be used to simultaneously consider multiple supplier criteria.

Please name, describe, and compare one other method of multiple criteria decision analysis.

Reference no: EM131229858

Forecasting model based on exponential smoothing

A forecasting model (M) based on exponential smoothing and time series analysis predicts the sales to be. Use linear regression (time-series) to develop your own model (R). Co

Underlying the solution of this problem using queuing theory

The typical subway station in Washington, DC, has six turnstiles, each of which can be controlled by the station manager to be used for either entrance or exit control - but n

Another benefit of project quality management system

Another benefit of this project quality management system is that it allows the project team to more fully understand the customer's processes and root needs. This can give th

Distinguish between ethical-legal principles and practices

Distinguish between ethical and legal principles and practices. Define the concept of ethical behavior as it relates to the purchasing and supply management function. Discuss

Recognition of moral and practical benefit to the workplace

Why may the AT WILL contract be understood as a moral recognition of moral and practical benefit to the workplace? Explain ONE major benefit that AT WILL contracts provide to

What are the optimal solution and total profit contribution

Because of increased competition, Deegan is considering reducing the price of model DRB such that ht new contribution to profit is $175 per unit. How would this change in th

Issues raised about investment securities

You have just started work for Warren Co. as part of the controller's group involved in current financial reporting problems. Jane Henshaw, controller for Warren, is interes

Personal life as well as our academic and business life

An important part of research is finding sources that can be trusted. This forum asks you first to. Comment on why you think it is important to scrutinize your sources to find


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