Describe the external factors that affect the international

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After reading chapter one, watch the video: (Real Media Player can be downloaded for free at and read the additional write-up on page 16 of your text. Answer the questions listed below using APA format. Be sure to integrate vocabulary from the text to demonstrate your understanding of concepts. The paper should not exceed 2 double-spaced pages (excluding title page).

United Parcel Service's operations are driven by its information systems technology. Beginning as a local delivery service in 1907, UPS expanded on the West coast initially, reached New York in the 1930s, and went international in the 1970s. Today, UPS delivers over 14 million packages daily to 200 countries and territories. A $1.5 billion technology investment in the 1980s buoyed the growth of UPS. The investment enabled the development of the International Shipments Processing System (ISPS), which is the key to the company's overseas operations. The technology infrastructure enables UPS to offer its customers services in addition to the basic shipment of packages. UPS drivers play an important role in the company's services by capturing information at the endpoints of each delivery segment. Volume, cultural differences, and hardware readiness all impact the development and continued growth of UPS.

Describe the external factors that affect the international operations at UPS.

Explain how these external factors cause UPS to adjust its operations.

Discuss the inputs, processing, and outputs of UPS tracking system.

Examine the technologies which are used by UPS. Illustrate how these technologies are related to the business model and business

objectives of UPS.

Identify the problems that UPS's information systems need to solve

Reference no: EM13860319

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