Describe the events or tasks that would occur in each step

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Research paper will compare and contrast Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Models.

The research paper must be submitted using Safe Assign.

• The paper will be 8 pages:

(a) Imagine you are the program manager for a software development company that specializes in inventory control software. You have just been hired by a company that develops laptops that can be customized by its customers. The company has hired you to develop an inventory control system. The system will be used to monitor products from customer design on the company's website, customer order, payment, product construction, and shipping to the customer. Using the 7 Step SDLC Model, describe the events/tasks in each step that would occur in order to develop such a system. Make sure the description of each event/task is specific to the system you are trying to create. What metrics would you use to verify the current step is complete and the events/tasks in the next step can begin? - 3 pages

(b) Consider a different SDLC Model (4 step or 12 step). Describe the events/tasks that would occur in each step if your company were to use this SDLC model instead. - 3 pages

(c) Under what circumstances would a company choose the SDLC Model described in part (a) over the SDLC Model described in part (b)? - 2 page

• Your prior IST textbooks are an excellent source for finding SDLC models. Review chapter 17 in the text before beginning this paper. DO NOT discuss Methods in this paper (waterfall, rad etc...). You need to find other SDLC models, the models will be called SDLC ...some may have four steps and others may have 12 steps.

• APA format; Minimum of 4 professional/peer review references. Note: Professional references refer to books and journals. (Typical internet resources are not considered professional resources).

Reference no: EM131267236

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