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1. Describe the content of a 'traditional' expatriate package, and the reasons of the company to provide such benefits! What limitations do you see in this contract when it comes to handling the company's emerging needs?

2. Make a SWOT analysis of the Local International policy using information from the case study.

3. Compare the employers' and employees' needs regarding international mobility on a local international contract. What elements would have to be included in a package if they were to answer to these needs?

4. To what extent do you believe the distinction between the three groups of assignment packages (expatriate contract for expatriates, local international contract for local international hires and local contract for external international new-recruits) to be fair? To this end (a) refer to equity theory and determine the referent person in each of the three cases and (b) discuss the role of procedural justice! What can the company do toprovoke positive behavioral intentions in reaction to the packages?

5 What does the company need to take into consideration in order to make the Local International policy for this new international employee population be applicable on a global basis? Formalize your arguments and propose a suggestion of a policy framework.

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"This assignment was regarding a case study about managing employee expectations in the case of expatriate employees. In this case, the contents of a traditional expatriate package was analyzed and a SWOT analysis of the local international contract was done along with distinguishing between local, expatriate and local international contracts. Lastly, suggestions were given for both the company and Mrs. Akiko. The company could communicate the policies in a better manner and it needs to formulate a standard global policy for expatriate contracts. On the other hand, Mrs. Akiko could stay for another year and complete the existing contract and then return back to Japan along with her husband who can find a suitable job."

Reference no: EM131451755

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