Describe the concerns depicted by researchers
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Assessment of environmental processes includes agents and factors that predispose communities and populations to injury, illness, and death.

These factors are not always visible to those in positions to educate or affect change.

View the video: "Lunchbox differences in decile 1 and decile 10 schools."

Describe the concerns depicted by researchers. What relationship does this have to injury, illness, and death in the school-aged child?


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According to analysis about children health care in schools we found difference between lunchboxes of decile 1 and decile 10 schools and we were shocked to seeing that difference.Actually the main reason behind this difference is that enhancement in childhood poverty increases the risk of poor health, poor educational achievement, teenage pregnancy, unemployment and criminality. By identifying these essential aspects we cannot only enrich the lives of children but also we can reduce money to respond to these issues

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