Describe the components of the healthcare system in us

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Instructor: Michael Durr, CPA, MHSA, CHFP

Individual projects and presentations are designed to develop competencies in students while exploring and exposing the challenges and importance of what health care professionals need to do to be successful.

Individual projects should reflect your own work, having done research, applied material from the course, and demonstrate critical thinking.

Based on the subject matter of the assigned reading, your paper will reflect one or more of the following:

1. Identify and describe the components of the healthcare system in US;

2. Distinguish between the demand for health, healthcare, and health insurance;

3. Use basic cost - benefit analysis;

4. Identify and describe the role of the key players in the supply of healthcare;

5. Describe the role of government in our current health care system;

6. Identify the major economics related research questions and challenges being asked in the areas of health insurance provision, the pharmaceutical industry, the physician services industry and the long term care industry;

7. Compare and contrast the healthcare delivery system of various countries;

8. Use economic analysis to understand and criticize the changes in the healthcare system.

All documents should be prepared using the APA format. Submission subsequent to the due date will result in a reduction of 10 full points for each day or partial day late.


1. Based on the Assigned Reading for the week, you will prepare a two to three page critique of the paper.

2. All papers will include the standard Barry cover letter and follow APA format.

3. Your critique needs to include research based on at least two other acceptable sources (i.e. Wikipedia is not acceptable).

4. Be concise in your writing - do NOT use "fluff" (such as excessive retelling of original material from the reading or a large restatement of the situation).

5. Your grade will depend largely on the application of economic concepts and your critical thinking skills.

6. Your paper needs to have a conclusion one way or another. Do not vacillate or hedge. Your opinion counts and so make it heard!

Article: TECHNOLOGY GROWTH AND EXPENDITURE GROWTH IN HEALTH CARE by Amitabh Chandra Jonathan S. Skinner Working Paper 16953, NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH 1050 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02138

Reference no: EM131223256

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