Describe the components of a dbms

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Questions: 1. What is a DBMS? Briefly describe the components of a DBMS.

2. Describe a primary key, candidate key, secondary key, foreign key, and a combination key. Use your imagination to provide an example of each key that is not in the textbook.

3. What are entity-relationship diagrams and how are they used? What symbol is used for a relationship? What is an associative entity? Provide an example.

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Reference no: EM13760293

Make the documentation of the organization''s sales database

Imagine that you work for a finance industry-based organization. Your organization is looking to submit its database design documentation to an evaluation team in order to m

Executing well-planned strategy-manage technology solution

You have a company, specializing in managing technology solutions. you have ben just hired by big firm to execute a well-planned strategy.

Create and run the following sql queries

Create and run the following  sql  queries and submit the screen shot of your result. Also submit the file lab_06_03. sql

Describe the structural organization of your database

Describe the structural organization of your database.What is the survey population description?Define pre-intervention.Define a database record. How many records are in your

Use data mining technique

The software MUST use DATA MINING TECHNIQUES (at least one like classification or association rule mining etc). The work involves analysing loads of the Hospitals data to se

Design a query that will allow the finance department

Imagine that you have been hired as a consultant to assist in streamlining the data processing of an international based organization that sells high-end electronics. The or

Creating database

Question 1: Start Access. Open the downloaded Access file named exploring_acap_grader_h1_College. Question 2: Import the exploring_acap_grader_h1_Transfer.xlsx Excel workbook

Provide an expression in relational algebra

Provide expression in relational algebra for each of the following queries: Give all the managers in database a 10 percent salary raise. Give all the other employees a 5 perce


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