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Question: One of your goals throughout the New Shoes simulation is to remain competitive so that your company can be successful in the long term. How would you define competitive advantage? Why is it important in the athletic industry to differentiate your business from the competition from a marketing standpoint? Share 3-5 ways that you will ensure that consumers see you as a different from your competitors. Provide an example of a firm that has clearly succeeded in standing out from its competitors. How does this firm's business strategy help it to be unique in some way?

Reference no: EM132280273

Consider the different suppliers which one would you select

Consider the different suppliers which one would you select? What type of agreement would you use? What are the risks and rewards to consider in this case? How can the team ba

Summary of principles of servant leadership employ by nelson

Summary of the principles of servant leadership employed by the leader Nelson Mandela. Specific examples to illustrate the leader's application of servant leadership prin

Define psychology and psychological adjustment

Identify contextual variables (e.g., culture) that impact psychological adjustment. Describe self-concept, self-esteem, and identity. Define stress, stressors, and coping stra

Disparate discrimination and title vii

Explains how disparate impact discrimination and disparate treatment discrimination occurs under Title VII, as well as the implications of these acts.

Conducting a sociolinguistic field interview

Write the results of your interview in the form of an essay. Do not do a question and answer format--that is your transcript, which will be a word-for-word record of the int

Write clearly and directly but be as precise as you can

Write clearly and directly, but be as precise as you can. The paper following this one will focus on a particular law or policy, so the greater precision that you develop at

Determining the determinant of personality

A summary of the arguments for genetics, environment, or a combination of both as the determinant of personality. An evaluation of these arguments that culminates in the state

Explain policies you wished regarding tobacco

We have made a policy decision that tobacco is a legal substance. If you were in the position to enact whatever policy or policies you wished regarding tobacco what would they


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