Describe the competitive advantage with example

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Question: One of your goals throughout the New Shoes simulation is to remain competitive so that your company can be successful in the long term. How would you define competitive advantage? Why is it important in the athletic industry to differentiate your business from the competition from a marketing standpoint? Share 3-5 ways that you will ensure that consumers see you as a different from your competitors. Provide an example of a firm that has clearly succeeded in standing out from its competitors. How does this firm's business strategy help it to be unique in some way?

Reference no: EM132280273

Examine constitutional protections for defendants prior

You will examine constitutional protections for defendants prior to trial by providing a detailed analysis of the criminal justice process from arraignment to the setting o

Mainstream medicine to accept alternative therapies

What external pressures have moved mainstream medicine to accept the alternative therapies? Have any alternative therapies been proven to work and also standard treatments?

How to apply the bystander effect to a real life situation

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What are the relationship between values and ethics

What are the relationship between values and ethics? values pertaining to what is most important? Ethics involve what social morality? what are the Core Competencies of the va

The space allotted should be more balanced or even reversed

Why does virtually every American history textbook devote several times more space to the war than to the insurrection? Do you think that the space allotted should be more bal

Define a certain community-country that refers to cummunity

Culture refers to the set beliefs, values, norms, principles, and behaviors that define a certain community and country. In other words, culture refers to the set values tha

Intelligent skepticism about accepting unwarranted claims

Discuss how you develop and express intelligent skepticism about accepting unwarranted claims—those made in the mass media as well as those made by credentialed authorities.

Explain issues-stressors deal with as police officer

There are several issues/stressors which you will deal with as police officer. In paper: 1.) State each stressor in your words; 2) Give the personal example of incident you


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