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Essay Prospectus Instructions

On the last day of exam week, you will turn in a 5-page essay. There will be several steps before that, however, and the first of those is constructing a prospectus your essay. My expectations for this first assignment are as follows:

1. You should read the document posted in Canvas under "Files" called "Essay_Topics"

2. You should also skim the documents posted in Canvas under "Files" called "Essay_Rubric" and "Essay_Instructions." You can read them more thoroughly later.

3. Consider the topic choices, and based on which topic you choose, download the two articles that correspond to your choice from the articles posted on Canvas. If you have a different topic that you want to do, talk to me about it.

4. Read over both articles enough so that you understand the basic points that they are making. It is especially important that you understand specifically what issue they disagree about.

5. Write a short paper (half-page to a full page) in which you describe 1) the basic argument made by the main article you choose from the book, 2) the basic argument of the rival article, and 3) what position you think you want to take in your paper. The quality of writing is not important here - just journal entry level writing.

6. Submit that short essay to Canvas by the due date under the title "Prospectus."

The assignment will not receive a grade directly. However, part of your essay grade is whether you participated in the pre-writing process in a genuine and prompt way. Completing this assignment late or turning in an assignment that is not complete will hurt you on that part of the grade.

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