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Resources: Ch. 1 (pp. 27-57) of Human Services in Contemporary America and Appendixes C and G

Review your list of local city and state agencies (or the two agencies you compared) and select a target population. Examples of target populations are the poor, unemployed, children, elderly, people with disabilities, persons with mental illness, substance abusers, criminals, homeless, and persons living with HIV/AIDS. Once you have selected a group, research a current issue or problem affecting this target population.

Identify the current and unmet needs of your chosen target population, and describe the possible obstacles that are preventing resolution of the problems. What human service programs addressing the problem currently exist, and how are they helping or hindering the problem?

Locate two credible sources from the University Library or the Internet that discuss the problems this target population faces and incorporate your findings into your paper.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format, with references, summarizing your findings.

Reference no: EM131139578

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