Describe outcome or goal as well as defining specific roles

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A WebQuest is an online, self-directed, discovery-learning activity that can be developed by anyone in order to guide other individuals or groups through a complex process. The key point to understand about this project is not that you will take a WebQuest that someone else has already prepared, but that you will create one yourself-from which others could learn about a specific task that you choose. Hence, instead of a presentation or report this project's output is a small web site-conceived, designed, and built by you- with a very specific format and types of content. As with your ePortfolio work, you will develop your WebQuest using WordPress software. Finally, the intellectual goal of your project is to use your increasing critical thinking and assessment skills to identify and analyze the subject matter, skills, personnel, and resources that someone would require to complete your chosen task.


While WebQuests are often published as stand-alone web sites, the required output for this assignment is a series of specific content pages to be published as part of your Assessment II ePortfolio project. These consist of the following HTML pages:

1. WebQuest: The home page introduces your WebQuest. Here you introduce your topic and activity, and provide some initial description.

2. Task: Describe the outcome or goal as well as defining specific roles and responsibilities necessary to complete that task.

3. Resources: List the online and offline resources required to complete your task.

4. Process: Describe the process to complete the task in specific, detailed, steps. This is a critical section of the assignment.

5. Evaluation: Explain the key performance indicators for measuring the success of your project. How will your reader measure their level of achievement or mastery? This is the most difficult, and most important, part of the assignment.

6. Conclusion: Summarize (recap) your WebQuest and provide closure on the project by including significant, thoughtful reflections. We've run into some of these problems and struggles in which we find it difficult to decide.

Below are some tasks tending to assist students choosing the right, appropriate and suitable major in the early stage of their academic life.

1- Research for your major.

2- Figure out your passion and talents.

3- Try an online test.

4- Understand the market demand.

5- Talk to expert and advisor.

6- Think about what you can deliver to the world.

7- Learn about the income of this major.

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Reference no: EM13855474

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