Describe one function they perform in the cell

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List the four "large molecules of life". Identify their composition and structure, and describe one function they perform in the cell. As well as their breakdown products.

Reference no: EM13143485

Bacterium through its cell membrane giving

Name a process that occurs when DNA is released by a broken or lysed bacterium is taken up by another bacterium through its cell membrane giving this bacterium new traits.

How dehydration synthesis is responsible

How dehydration synthesis is responsible for polymerizing long organic chains? How you would calculate the removal of water when joining monomers of carbohydrates, lipids, p

Impacts reverse logistics and customer service

Describe the difference between intranet and extranet. Please go into detail on when each is used in what is the purpose in the industry for each. Consider how this impacts

Two different organization theories

In Part One of this case study analysis, students are to use the facts from the case study to determine two different organization theories that are demonstrated. For Part

Identity or protect the community health

Post a brief explanation of what you consider to be the ethical considerations inherent in sharing health data. Then, state your position on whether it is more important, fr

What would you expect to have happen to the sodium ion

A bag made from dialysis membrane contains an aqueous solution of 2mM protein and 0.25mM sodium Iodide (NaI). The bag is carefully weighed and placed into an aqueous solutio

An ecological footprint is an estimate

An ecological footprint is an estimate of  a. the carrying capacity of a nation  b. the number of offspring an adult produces and the resulting demand on resources

Discuss the probable cause of the relapse

A patient with streptococcal sore throat takes penicillin for two days of a prescribed 10-day regimen. Because he feelsbetter, he then saves the remaining penicillin for some


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