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"Usefulness of Office Suites"

Assume that you did not have access to Microsoft Office or other compatible application suites. Describe at least three (3) tasks that you would not be able to perform without Microsoft Office 2013.

Among the applications that we explored in this course, choose the one that you believe to be the most useful to you and explain why you believe that to be the case. Next, determine the application that you believe would be the least useful to you and explain why.
power points are the ones that would be the least useful and microsoft word is the the one i would use the most.

Reference no: EM13825519

What is the discovery process

1. Review questions (The length of your answer should be from roughly four or five sentences to a couple of paragraphs for each questions listed below).1) What is the discover

Cloud computing first look

Complete a write-up based on the videos/reading listed above. Your write-up should be between one and two pages long (APA format, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font

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Converting an AsciiDoc to PDF and HTML5 using Asciidoctor with the Asciidoctor Gradle plugin. SO I changed the CSS in the code it only updated in the pdf not the HTML5 looki

Task manager to recognize and troubleshoot problems

Which system resources are probable to be at root of problem? How can you use system tools, like the Task Manager, to help recognize and troubleshoot these problems?

Bia determines the extent of the impact

According to the text, a BIA determines the extent of the impact that a particular incident would have on business operation over time. Determine the major ways in which p

Osi security architecture

1. What is the OSI security architecture? 2. What is the difference between passive and active security threats? 3. List and briefly define categories of passive and active se

Which design strategy wouldyou recommend forthe construction

Assume that you are developing a new system for a local real estate agency. The agency wants to keep a database of its own property listings and also wants to have access to t

What is the purpose of the finally clause

What happens when an exception is thrown, the code of a finally clause executes, and that code throws an exception of a different kind than the original one? Which one is ca


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