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Given that it takes 1.75 ms to travel from one track to the next of a hard drive; that the arm is originally positioned at Track 15 moving toward the low- numbered tracks; and that you are using the LOOK scheduling policy: Compute the total seek time to satisfy the following requests-4, 40, 35, 11, 14, and 7. Assume all requests are initially present in the wait queue. (Ignore rotational time and transfer time; just consider seek time.)

Describe how implementation of a RAID Level 2 system would be beneficial to a university payroll system. In your own words, describe the disadvantages of such a system, if any, in that environment, and if appropriate, suggest an alternative RAID system and explain your reasoning.

Imagine one real-life example of each: a multi-file volume and a multi- volume file. Include a description of the media used for storage and a general description of the data in the file.

The following is an access verification technique, listing several files and the access allowed for a single user. Identify the control technique used here, and for each, explain the type of access allowed.

a. File_1 R-E-

b. File_12 RWE-

c. File_13 RW--

d. File_14 -E-

Devise a way to compress the following list of last names using a lossless technique similar to that shown in Table 8.6 for repeated terms. Describe your method and show the compressed list. Explain the characteristics that make your technique lossless (and not lossy).

McConnor, Nelson

McDavid, Nelson

McDavid, Patricia

McDonald, Mary

McDonald, Marie

McDonnell, Mike

Reference no: EM13764648

Using pseudocode to design a suitable program

he manager of the Supermarket would like to be able to calculate the unit price for items sold there. To do this, the program should input name and price of an product and its

Analyze most commonly overlooked software development risks

Analyze the most commonly overlooked software development risks within an organization you work for, or with which you are familiar. In your analysis, explain what these ris

What is scrum and list and describe two roles of scrum

Describe five reasons for success and five reasons for failure of IT projects. What can be done to avoid such failures. What is Scrum. List and describe two roles of scrum.

What case tool would you recommend for a project team

Investigate computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools that support UML. What CASE tool would you recommend for a project team about to embark on a project by using the

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1.What is a stakeholder, and why is such established?  2.With regard to gathering requirements, please specify what a requirement is in the context of planning for software de

Consider the processes involved

1. Until fairly recently, magazines and periodicals were available in printed versions only. Publishers are now offering an increasing number of periodicals in either the tr

Create either pseudocode or flowchart for program

Create either pseudocode or a flowchart for a program that does the following: Prompt the user to enter a sales tax rate. Prompt the user to enter a price.

Create the system architecture models

Use CASE tool Model to create an application class model that includes entity classes, user interface classes, boundary, and controller classes - Use CASE tool Model to creat


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