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A research paper on Cocaine

This document is intended to help guide you to successful completion of the research paper for this course. You will complete a 15-20 page (not including title page, abstract page, and references) research paper on a topic related to biological aspects of addiction. Higher grades will be awarded to papers that demonstrate personal mastery of course content and congruence with the assignment description in this guide. Conformity to APA style is required for this manuscript. Although you have some degree of choice of topic, the organization of the paper needs to follow the Research Paper Guide.

Once you have developed a proper introduction for your paper, there will need to be 3 primary sections for you to address.

1. Description of Substance/Behavior: In this section, describe the biological aspects of the addictive substance or behavior. Your discussion should explain the addictive properties and include its primary effects on the brain and other organ systems in the body.

2. Clinical Issues: Discuss clinical considerations of the addictive substance or behavior. Include the implications the biological aspects of substance/behavior have for the counseling process. Describe medical treatments (existing or developing) based on biological aspects of substance/behavior and future directions of treatment. Include a brief discussion of ethical issues the biological aspects of the substance/behavior have for counseling.

3. Christian Worldview Implications: The third main section of your paper should discuss biological aspects of the addictive substance/behavior from a biblically informed Christian worldview. Include areas of freedom and caution for Christian counselors based on the biological aspects of the addictive substance/behavior.

As with your introduction at the beginning of your paper, you want to have a brief summary or conclusion.

Remember, this is a guide and not an outline for your paper. You will do well to effectively use proper APA headings and subheadings to help organize and present your paper. The APA publication manual (6th ed.) has helped make the use of headings and subheading much easier than in previous editions. The main sections above would make very suitable headings for your paper.

Reference no: EM131178599

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